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Medieval Festival

Adults: € 11
Families: € 27 (2 Erw. & 1 Kind)
other children: € 8
historicially dressed: € 8
May 14. & 15., 2022
10:00h - 19:00h

About the event


The plague raged on Aggstein and the surrounding area for more than 2 years. Now the danger seems averted and the people of Agggstein can finally breathe a sigh of relief. A great festival is held and rejoicing can be heard from the castle all through the town below.
But then the great magician Anopheles speaks up: he has ended the plague with his spells and magic and is therefore now the ruler of Aggstein. Since he doesn't like celebrations, he orders the Aggsteiners to end the festival immediately and go back to work.

But the elf Liberia also claims to be responsible for the happy ending: she lured all the rats out of the castle with her magic flute and dumped them in the Danube. And every child knows that rats spread the plague.

Who will win the battle for Aggstein Castle? Be there and cheer on your favourite!

Colorful market life, captivating and rousing music, fun for children and culinary delights against the backdrop of the incomparable Aggstein - this is how we start the summer.

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Shuttle service from the car park - castle - car park: € 3.00 p/p


Market times: Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

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