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Wisdom of the Cards and Numerology

Reading of cards: € 8.00 (for max. 10 minutes)
Numerology: € 50.00 (30 minutes)
1 July 2018
5 August 2018
12 August 2018
2 September 2018

on each date from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

About the event

It will become interesting again for all those who want to find out more about themselves and take a few minutes out for themselves when visiting the castle. In the Knights’ Hall of the castle ruin, you can sit down with Sylvia Blieweis and have your cards read ... In urgent cases, it is undoubtedly better to arrange an appointment so that she definitely has time for you.



Card laying consultation brief information

Do you want to have some information about your work? Are you interested in how your relationship will develop? Or do you simply want to know something about your financial status? What will happen next? What direction should you take?

“The answers are to be found in you yourself. Make use of the offer by allowing me to decipher your subconscious and to provide the answers. I look forward to being able to advise and accompany you.”


max. 2 questions: € 8.00 (max. 10 minutes)

Appointments every 15 minutes



Have you long been interested in the science of numbers? What does your date of birth say about you? What fundamental oscillations, talents and abilities lie hidden in you? What learning points do you have in this life? The numerological system of the Chaldea can give you answers to this so that you can get to know yourself better and develop further. With your personal numeroscope, a light-bulb moment is (virtually) guaranteed. You will receive your personal numeroscope signed by hand, incl. verbal interpretation and written analysis.


30 minutes: € 50.00


Registration required with Sylvia Blieweis:

+43 (0) 664-27 16 510 or office@energiearbeit-metis.at


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