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Knights’ Dinner

Celebrating at Aggstein Castle Ruin

Candles create soft light on the festively decorated table, heavy wood chairs stand on the stone floor and a warming fire flickers in the large hearth – the Knights’ Dinner can start ...


You can select from the following menus:

Knights’ Dinner à la Nibelungs, € 25 per person
Crackling dripping pot in the camp follower style
with baked bread from the guild
Rustic feast fresh from the oven
with knuckle of pork, spare ribs & sausages
from pen-kept pigs, grilled meat from the castle hen,
Sauerkraut and dumplings & flatbreads
Tart & cake from the castle bakery

Knights’ Dinner à la Kuenring, € 30 per person
Thickened soup
Stirred herbal curd cheese, cheese, dripping, sausage, bacon,
homemade bread
Knuckles of pen-kept pork and of the castle hen,
roast from the Count’s fattened ox and suckling pig
Cabbage, dumplings, potatoes
Spiced poppy dumplings with butter

Hademar’s Alderman’s Feast, € 35 per person
Sour cream bread with ham, leek & cheese
Roasted poultry meat and pork
with duck, spare ribs, grilled chicken, game stew
with red cabbage, dumplings and baked potatoes
“Buchteln” (sweet rolls made of yeast dough) fresh from the oven

Exquisite Lord of the Manor’s Feast, € 49 per person
Variation of hams from roe deer, wild boar and red deer
with bread roll and fresh hay milk butter
Smoked trout mousse
Saddle of venison steak, breast of pheasant and medallion of pork wrapped in bacon with onion confit, red cabbage, croquettes and
Mousse au chocolat or cheese board 


You will find the juice of the red and the white grape, pear juice and water on the table.
But please note: drinks are available at extra charge!

Would you also like some music? That will make the evening really convivial. Bagpipes and the beat of the drum will get your legs dancing.
€ 200.00 per musician / evening.

Or you want to be entertained – the castellan will do that in a superb way:
€ 300 per evening + musician € 400

But perhaps you would also like to free our ghosts before the Knights’ Dinner: The legends of Aggstein, adventure game. You will also get some very special prices:
€ 40 for 4 or 5 players (instead of € 58 and € 64 respectively)

Before the banquet, we can also offer you an amusing historical tour through the castle. Duration approx. 1 hour The tour will be led by the on-duty castle ghost € 4.50 per person

Come in groups of at least 25 people but do not take more than 100 friends with you. Up to 40 people can celebrate in the tavern. If there are more people, we will prepare the Knights’ Hall for you: additional charge: € 5.50 per person

Look forward to an unusual evening – we look forward to seeing you!




Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions:

Christine Jäger
+43 (0) 650-8350 804


Bernd Windhaber
+43 (0) 676-4022264