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Tours for Children

Tours for children:
from € 4.50 per adult/child

Fairytale tours:
€ 6.50 / child, € 7.00 / adult

Herbal walk & ointments:
€ 6.00 / child
approx. 60 minutes

approx. 120 minutes

approx. 90 minutes

Thrilling history –
told in an exciting way

Our guides make every castle tour an exciting experience for children. Has Aggstein ever been conquered?
Were there sieges? Who were the “Hounds of Kuenring” and why are they called robber knights? Who was the last lord of Aggstein – or better – lady of the castle? So many questions – have them answered during the tour for children in an exciting and entertaining way!


Price: € 4.50 per adult / child
(Groups of 20 people or more by prior appointment – approx. 2 weeks beforehand)
Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Find herbs, collect them and make an ointment from them - for little druids and witch apprentices

A small herbal hike in front of the castle, where herbs and leaves are selected and collected - to produce an ointment.

The organic ointment and beeswax (food-based) and the collected plants are used to stir the ointment and fill it in tigels. With sufficient explanations, of course, when to best use them.

And then the following questions are clarified:
What are wild plants? What is an ointment anyway? Can you eat the homemade ointment? How does it work?

Preis: € 6.00 per child including ointment and recipe, excluding castle entry
for 20-25 students
Age: 8-11 years
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
Bookable: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Hopefully afterwards there is still time to explore Austria's most famous castle ruins and immerse yourself in the Middle Ages ...

book now: info(at)ruineaggstein.at

By and with: Herbalist Elke Wallner-Zeinzinger: www.wohnspirale.at

Fairytale Tours

The legend about the “Rosengärtchen” is of course an essential part of it but you will also delve into the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm – depending on the wishes and age of the children, our storyteller Dena Seidl will select the appropriate tales!


Dressed as a “wise woman”, she takes the children into a world full of imagination and mythical creatures. In a masterful way, she captivates young and young-at-heart listeners and enables them to delve into the stories with her.

Price: € 6.50 / child, € 7.00 / adult
(Groups of 20 people or more by prior appointment – approx. 2 weeks beforehand)
Duration: approx. 120 fairytale minutes

Other Tours

Experience the castle how you want to! Our guides make every castle tour an exciting experience. Do you want to explore the castle on your own? No problem with the individually available audio tours.
Castle Tours
In two vaults beneath the Knights’ Hall, the history of Siegfried, the dragon slayer, is retold in lovingly created figures and scenes. The visit to the Nibelung Exhibition is included in the admission price.